Animal planning

October 13, 2019

Ever since I heard that a family on the long-running soap opera Neighbors kept a pet sheep, I’ve secretly wanted one. My British friends told me that, with a pole and tether, the sheep are happy to munch on grass all day – eliminating the need to mow the lawn.

Now I want a sheep for more a practical reason…the wool would be useful for the winter season, and we could sell the extra we don’t spin into yarn. They’re hardy little creatures, but is it fair to keep an animal outdoors when the dust kicks up and the air quality warning is at Red?

And it would necessitate building a barn as well. We could do with the extra storage space, but I find myself wondering…will we stay here long enough for it to be worth the effort?


2 Responses to “Animal planning”

  1. I’ve been wanting pet sheep forever too. I think you might find a breed that’s good at handling dry/dusty climates, perhaps a Navajo Churro mix? British sheep are better suited to cold & damp weather.

  2. jasper Says:

    laura, do you really think you will have enough grass for a sheep? The rain is so unreliable! Also, there’s a considerable learning curve on shearing sucu that you get spinnable wool. And spinning is no small feat! Felting might be easier. Well, good luck!

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